Ecommerce Sees Huge Growth during the Double 11 Pre-Sale Period

Double 11 pre-sale promotion starts on October 18. Double 11 is the largest online shopping event for Chinese people. But in recent years, it has also attacted more and more foreign consumers and sellers to buy products on ecommerce platforms.

There are big discounts during double 11 period. Many concusmers around the whole world can’t help buying goods in bulk to gain more discounts, such as clothes, cosmetics, electronics, accessories. Here are some discounts on AliExpress.

double 11 promotion on AliExpress

From the current export data, during the “Double 11” pre-sale period, products such as clothing, accessories, and small home appliances are most popular with foreign consumers. By air transportation, it takes only 5 to 7 days from placing an order to receiving the goods for foreign consumers. This faster shipping makes them become more and more satisfied with shopping online from China and the foreign orders also surges during this promotion.

Export cross-border e-commerce sales is projected to reach 7.73 trillion RMB in 2021, and it is anticipated to exceed 9 trillion RMB in the next two years.

Chinadivision can help foreign sellers and consumers buy high-quality Chinese products with best prices, pack them as you like, and ship them to your individual customers or consumers fast and safely. Don’t miss the best opportunity of buying products online in double 11 period.

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