How to Find out Best Amazon Products to Sell for New Sellers

You may have heard that one friend said he has made a lot of money by selling on Amazon, so you want to sell some products on it to make profits right now.

Take it easy. Before you start, you have to do some market research to decide what to sell. Some products are in fierce competition, so it is advisable not to add them to your listing. Why?

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Because there are many stores selling them for several years and they have gained large market shares, which making it very difficult for new sellers to gain a place in the market. If you are determined to sell these products, it is very likely that you have few sales every month for these goods. Then what are the criteria of choosing best products to sell on Amazon?

  • High demand and low competition: Do you know how to judge whether a product is in high demand or not? It is a product with at least 300 sales per month. Products with low competition make it easier to rank at the top so that more people can visit them and buy them.
  • Light and small-sized items: Lightweight goods means fewer shipping costs, especially when you sell items around the world. Small-sized items means fewer storage, package and shipping fees.
  • Items sold at $10–$70: Studies show that products sold at $10–$70 are the most saleable. As a new seller, you can choose items to sell at $10–$70 to make high sales.

Now you have a brief understanding of what are the best kinds of items to sell on Amazon. Then let’s explore how to find them.

1. Visit Amazon Best Seller Page

Amazon helps you find the bestsellers easily by listing the best seller page. You can find best sellers in baby, in clothing/shoes, in camera/photo products, etc. You can find some products you are interested in, and you keep a list of these items.

2. View AliExpress Top Ranking Page

AliExpress is another global online shopping platform. You can click its top ranking page to find many hot selling items, such as call reminder wristbands, earphones, mobile phone cases, etc.

3. Look at the Amazon Trend Report

You go to the Amazon trend report and scroll down to the bottom, and you can see the trending products. You can view more trending items by clicking the “arrow mark”.

If you have some preferred products by selection, you should test whether they are in high search interest in your target sale places over time in Google trend or not.

Moreover, you can look at the reviews of the similar products which are sold online to get to know the pain point of the product so that you can design a better product to sell. Many products make our life easier, such as tile which can track your keys or cards so that you can not end up being locked out of your home or making a new card in the bank.

Once you choose the right products to sell, you are half successful. Products are crucial to your online business. So be careful when choosing products. Best products can bring large sales and profits for you.

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