Want to Start the Most Successful Board Game on Kickstarter?

Are you fond of playing the board game? How often do you play it? Have you ever launched a board game on Kickstarter?

If you are planned to launch a board game on Kickstarter? what can you do to make it successful?

  1. making connections with other board game creators

It is well known that board games are the largest category on the kickstarter. There are many game designers discussing with one another about the obstacles they meet when they play the game. The game creators offer help to each other by supporting each other’s games. This kind of connection is a win-win situation. In fact, the creators whose games are the most funded are those who support other creators’ projects on Kickstarter. Moreover, you can get direct access to the inbox of other game creators on Kickstarter by supporting their game. So when you have any questions about the launch of the game, you can ask for their advice by emailing them.

2. increasing the credibility of your board game by getting BGG reviews

BGG(Board Game Geek) is one of the most go-to website for people to learn about games and choose which one to play. When people don’t know what to play, they go to BGG, and they see the game reviews. Good reviews give them a hand to decide which game to play. So you can get good reviews on BGG, which do increase the credibility of the board game you are going to launch. In addition, you can ask your friends, family members, even influencers to leave a good comment on BGG. Then you can show the good reviews on your Kickstarter page. The more 5 star reviews on your Kickstrter page, the better.

3. choosing the right time to launch your board game

What is the right time to launch the board game? Do not launch your board game on Kickstarter the same day when another person launches his/her board game that belongs to the same category as yours. These two games will compete for the heat of the game if they have the same launch day, which is likely to reduce the attention on your game launch. Supporters have limited resources, thus they have to choose one of the two games to back. In order to avoid this situation, you should stagger your launch date with another game of the same category.

You can also join the /r/boardgame subreddit or build a community for your board game on Reddit to make more and more people know your game. What else can you do to make the launch of your board game successful? Leave your comment below.


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