How to Get Your Buyers in UAE and Make More Money

Ecommerce makes it possible for people to do business with worldwide people, without meeting each other. If you want to expand your International market, you can give United Arab Emirates(UAE) a try.

Before starting selling products in UAE, what do you need to know? What preparations do you have to make?

You need to know what the top ecommerce sites in UAE are. They are, and And there are other leading retail sites, including, and You need to find out which ones are suitable for your products to sell in terms of traffic volume, buyers and competition. Of course you can sell different products in different markets due to the different market demands. What kind of products are top sellers in UAE?

The top sellers in UAE are clothing, mobile phones, utilities and watches. Selling goods of these types is more likely to gain market share in the ecommerce market of UAE. Do you think so?

Moreover, you need to adjust your payment methods to UAE buyers, as they prefer cash on delivery, credit card and debit card. If you don’t have the payment methods that UAE buyers prefer to use, they may give up the payment of the order and turn to your competitors, which is a great loss for you and you may fail to make a lot of money just because of the payment methods. So payment methods are crucial to the success of your ecommerce business, especially in international market.

If you are a B2C seller, you should know the trend in UAE is that more and more people use mobile phone to go shopping online and place an order. So the design of your online store should be mobile-friendly. If the product descriptions are not fully seen on the mobile screen, the potential buyers are very likely to quit the page and leave your store. It is a pity to drive potential customers to your store, ending up with leaving your store without buying anything due to a bad mobile buying experience.

You can use Google Ads to gain high quality and much traffic to your store. Besides, your store can be a UAE localized style in Arabic, which is beneficial to gain more free organic traffic.

In conclusion, you need to do above things to get more buyers in UAE and make lots of money. What else can you do to make more profits in UAE? Leave your opinions in the comments below now.

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