The Most Important Page of Your Shopify Store

Do you know what the most important page of Shopify store is? It is not the homepage, neither the category page.

Look at your shopify store and find out which page you have attached more importance to. The cart page or the product page?

If you pay more attention to your product page, it is more likely that your store brings you high sales. In fact, product page is the most important page of your shopify store. Optimizing your product page can increase the conversion rate.

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Most people think the product descriptions should be as detailed as possible. But it is not always the case. There are two main types of customers. One is the impulsive customer, and the other is the rational customer. Impulsive customers don’t see every detail of the product before they buy it. They may just see the core product parameters, and then place the order and purchase it quickly. However, as for the rational customers, they care much more for the details of the product, and they often compare it with the similar product from other store to decide which one to buy.

It is advisable to design different product pages for impulsive customers and rational customers. You can add two buttons at the bottom of the product page for visitors to choose. On the top of the buttons, you ask a question: “Do you have time?” One button reads “I have two minutes” for implusive customers, and the other reads “I have time” for the rational customers. Once the visitors click the button with “I have two minutes”, it navigates to a simplified product description page. When the visitors click the button with “I have time”, it turns to a detailed product page. This kind of classification is proved to improve the conversion rate by 35.8%.

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