What You Need to Know before Shipping from China to Malaysia

If you want to send a batch of goods to Malaysia from China, which shipping methods do you prefer? What do you need to know before shipping?

Some people prefer air transportation as it is much more faster than sea transportation. Some people would like sea transportation as it is much cheaper. In general, the cost of shipping by air is several times higher than that of sea transportation. Sea transport is generally recommended, especially for bulk cargo transport. No matter what kind of shipping methods you use, you need to make a customs declaration.

Before shipping your products, you should know that some products are forbidden to be shipped from China to Malaysia, such as lighter, fireworks, alcohol, tobacco, flammable and explosive products. Moreover, there are general goods and senseitive goods, and the shipping freight of senseitive goods is higher than that of general goods.

As for customs clearance, export and import customs clearance of Malaysian air transport has teo kinds: DDU and DDP. What are the differences between DDU and DDP?

  1. DDU: Delivered duty unpaid at the port of destination (Delivered duty unpaid). Simply put, DDU is responsible for delivering the prepared goods to the place designated by the foreign consignee, but it does not need to bear foreign taxes and fees.
  2. DDP: Delivered duty paid at the port of destination (Delivered duty paid). The freight forwarder provides a full set of services, including customs clearance, delivery, tariffs and other uncontrollable expenses at the port of destination. DDP is similar to export and import customs clearance and door-to-door service, that is, customs declaration at the port of departure + customs clearance at the destination port + door-to-door delivery.

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