Messi’s Choice Reminds the E-commerce Sellers of Periodic Dropshipping Goal

Messi told Barcelona on Tuesday that he wanted to leave after nearly two decades at the club, which caused a heated discussion on the Internet.

In fact, Messi arrived at Barcelona as a teenager in 2001, joining the club’s famed La Masia youth academy. He first-team debut happened in 2003 as a 16-year-old, and since then he led Barcelona to 34 titles. He holds most individual records at the club, scoring 634 goals and making 276 assists in 731 appearances with the club.

Messi’s story shows the periodic goal and achievement on his life journey, which can be applied in the field of order fulfillment. If you are an Amazon seller start from scratch, you may set up an available plan of choosing niche, partner, dropshipping agent, etc. But niche and dropshipping agent is vital for your business. You can find your ideal niche through related data and research, however, it is hard to find an ideal dropshipping agent from the begining, especially for the entrepreneur who has never chosen an order fulfillment warehouse. Thus, ChinaDivision suggests that you review our previous article for more details about how to choose your cost-effective order fulfillment center.

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