How to Avoid Errors in Warehousing Logistics?

Although order fulfillment warehouses have embraced faster developing, the automated operation has not been popularized for the current economic and technological level. At present, most of the order fulfillment work is based on manual operations. Therefore, it is normal to meet mistakes in the case of manual operation, which will cause losses. But how to avoid logistics errors? Have you found the effective way?

In order to take useful actions, ChinaDivision summarized the main reasons and some solutions:


  • 1. The warehouse staff are not focused enough when delivering and picking goods;
  • 2. The staff is not proficient in the operation of their job;
  • 3. Excessive fatigue of staff leads to an increase in the error rate.


  • 1. The order fulfillment warehouse should set up punishment system on employees who fail to concentrate on their work and cause logistics errors.
  • 2. More communicate should be covered when encountering problems. For example, all the parties can discuss, analyze and sum up together, instead of shirking responsibility.
  • 3. Staff training should be more practical to ensure that the staff follow the standard at every step. Warehouse employees need to work strictly in accordance with operating procedures, and must not omit certain necessary procedures for convenience. The operation process of a project is discussed and formulated by many professionals, and needs to be strictly followed.
  • 4. Ensure that employees have a full working state. For employees who are tired from working overtime for a long time, they need to be given a certain amount of rest time to ensure a good mental state.

In general, it is necessary to carry out the action to avoid logistics errors. High error rate will lead to a decline in the reputation and prospects of a company, which requires great attention.

What a responsible colleague! He is checking the order details with a mask on his face.

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