Will the High Sino-US Ocean Shipping Price Decline in 2022?

Some forecasts say that supply chain bottlenecks will continue until mid-2022. Do you think so?

The congestion of LA/LB ports is still severe, with 98 container ships waiting for berth at these two ports on 19, Dec. 2021. In addition to the delay of delivery, the Sino-US ocean shipping price rises highly in recent months. Why did this happen?

container shipping price to rise or drop in 2022

The COVID-19 epidemic is of course one of the reason of the supply chain crisis. What else? The insufficient handling capacity of US ports and the lack of port workers, all combined make things worse. The shortage of container supply leads to the high rise of ocean shipping rate.

In 2022, the epidemic is very likely to become a normal situation. Then each country and region opens its doors and the entire transportation network comes back to normal. The shipping price should still be in a downward trend and return to a normal level. However, this may be a slow decline.

If the international oil price goes up, it will inevitably lengthen the time for the shipping rate to drop. On the other hand, if the suppliers’ production capacity is reduced, resulting in a decline in the demand for freight, the shipping price may drop.

At the end of 2021, with the news that the European and American routes have been suspended, the shipping prices of container ships rise again. The price of Matson has rebounded fiercely again. According to the latest price of container, Matson‘s CLX/CLX+ will exceed $40,000, Matson‘s CCX and CMA CGM EX1 and EXX will exceed $26,000, and ordinary ships may reach $20,000.

In conclusion, it is forecast that Sino-US shipping should show a relatively stable but a slow declining situation in 2022. Do you expect it?

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