American Warehouses are really Full during this Shopping Season

Why did Doug Kiersey say that it was completely unprecedented?

Doug Kiersey, as president of Dermody Properties, which has several warehouses across the united states and are used by some of America’s largest retailers, has been engaged in building and leasing warehouses for about 40 years. He said that he had never before seen a time when the warehouses are over 99% occupied.

Why did it happen?

There are more warehouses in the US than ever before, but they are running out of space because of a lack of warehouse staff to get products in and out fast, shortage of truck drivers to deliver goods and a large number of goods. Moreover, some suppliers store lots of products in the warehouse beforehand to avoid the rapid rising of product costs. All of these combined worsen the shortage of warehousing space in the United States.

For cross-border ecommerce sellers in the US, it is wise to use china warehouses to store their goods as it is hard to find a warehouse to store their inventory in the US, especially in the coming days before Christmas.

China warehouses are not running out of space like those of America. Because there are enough workers in the China warehouses to get products in and out fast, and China doesn’t lack truck drivers.

Chinadivision’s warehouse can process over 50,000 orders daily and it ships orders within 24 hours so that it is rarely full. Warehouses are the indispensable part of supply chain. Almost everything we buy and use in our daily life are stored in the warehouses before they are sent to the shops or delivered to us through online shopping.

china warehouse–chinadivision’s organized and high-efficient warehousing management

Chinadivision offers you with 30-day free warehousing, and its warehouse management is of first-class, with 24-hour CCTV camera monitoring to ensure the safety of all products. Moreover, the fire protection system (including smoke alarm) is fully equipped.

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