What are the Differences between Warehousing and Express Logistics?

With the vigorous development of the e-commerce industry, the order fulfillment companies are facing more opportunities and challenges.

Whether it is an e-commerce company or an personal online store, they will now consider choosing e-commerce warehousing outsourcing services or cooperate with express logistics companies for delivery. Most e-commerce sellers are not clear about the specific differences, resulting in not knowing how to choose. So today we are going to tell you the differences from the following points.

Firstly, the warehousing model is mainly to cooperate with e-commerce warehouse distribution companies, which is aimed at establishing a warehousing information network based on multiple levels.

After receiving the customer’s order, the e-commerce buyer transfers the information to the e-commerce warehouse through the warehouse management system. The warehouse staff selects the items from the warehouse through the system, and then directly and quickly delivers the goods. This is what people call “B2C model”.

Simply put, the service provided by express logistics companies is “transfer and transfer again.” The express staff collect the goods and check them according to the order information, and then uniformly transport them to the express transit center for transit sorting, and then carry out trunk transportation and distribution, which eliminates the need for storage classification management and brings more  convenience of delivery speed control and delivery error reduction. This can be classified as a “C2C model”.

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