How did Customer X Choose China Divisionas as His Warehousing Partner?

Customer X is the owner of an American e-commerce company, who had suffered a lot from COVID-19 and African-American parade. So he planed to find an agent of picking, packing and shipping, which can save more cost and time for him. We are going to share the story with you in this blog, hoping you will enjoy it and learn more about China Division.

1: Investigate

Customer X have never been to China before, so he did a survey about 20 companies in advance. He said it took three weeks to study all the information, coverig the warehouse development, performance, scale, review, etc.

2: Communication

He found the online consulting channel on our website and the sales representative was asked to contact him, in this way, they talked some details about the entire project.

3: Warehouse Visiting

Customer X shared his thought about Chinese warehousing and dropshipping with us, as well as his curiosity about China. Besides, his nephew was going to marry a Chinese girl, so they planed a Chinese Travel, which aroused his interest in visiting our warehouse. However, Customer X is very cautious about order fulfillment agency selection, he spared more time to testing the warehouse. Apart from sightseeing, his first Chinese trip was full of warehouse visiting and business negotiation.

4: Negotiation

Where there is a cooperation, there will be a negotiation. It takes a three-hour negotiation to discuss the price, payment methods, transportation channels, delivery, return rules, cooperation time, etc. Eventually, customer X chose us as his new dropshipping agency.

5: Contract Signing

After the contract signing, customer X returned America and send us some orders to test our quality and service. What we must to mention is that customer X has a wonderful handwriting.

Due to the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, order fulfillment companies have generally sprung up in the market. Although there are already many order fulfillment companies, the quality and level of service are also uneven. E-commerce companies must not affect the development of the company because of warehousing problems. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a warehousing company with good service and strong sense of responsibility. Like our customer X, he decided to cooperate with us eventually after researching so many order fulfillment warehouses.(He said he can realize the cheapest shipping to canada after visiting these warehouses, haha).

What are the Differences between Warehousing and Express Logistics?

With the vigorous development of the e-commerce industry, the order fulfillment companies are facing more opportunities and challenges. Whether it is an e-commerce company or an personal online store, they will now consider choosing e-commerce warehousing outsourcing services or cooperate with express logistics companies for delivery. Most e-commerce sellers are not clear about the specific differences, resulting in not knowing how to choose. So today we are going to tell you the differences from the following points.

Firstly, the warehousing model is mainly to cooperate with e-commerce warehouse distribution companies, which is aimed at establishing a warehousing information network based on multiple levels. After receiving the customer’s order, the e-commerce buyer transfers the information to the e-commerce warehouse through the warehouse management system. The warehouse staff selects the items from the warehouse through the system, and then directly and quickly delivers the goods. This is what people call “B2C model”.

Simply put, the service provided by express logistics companies is “transfer and transfer again.” The express staff collect the goods and check them according to the order information, and then uniformly transport them to the express transit center for transit sorting, and then carry out trunk transportation and distribution, which eliminates the need for storage classification management and brings more  convenience of delivery speed control and delivery error reduction. This can be classified as a “C2C model”.