Warehouse Optimization Plan of China Division

Maybe some of e-commerce businessman are trying to find a superior Chinese sourcing agent of mask, goggles and protective hat due to the prevalence of flu virus and COVID-19. But you must be capable of picking the most cost-effective order fulfillment center, as well as a normalized third-part logistics. This blog will share our method of warehouse optimization.

  • Dampproof and Mildew Proof Work

We are intended to adopt a deoiling and dehumidifying machine with good performance, closed with plastic film, air curtain for moisture separation and air regulating storage.

  • Digitized Inventory Management

Equipped with first-class technical staff, China Division will create digitized storage and portable computer access system.

  • Fire Protection System

Three-dimensional warehouse needs to set up automatic sprinkler system to ensure enough water while the special warehouse needs to prevent the static electricity generation. What’s more, it is very important to install a lightning protection system with good performance.

  • Classified Warehousing

In order to create high-quality warehouse fulfillment service in China, there are clear regulations in China Division: The storage of dangerous goods of different types and properties shall be in accordance with the principles of division, classification, subsection and special warehouse. For example, liquid chlorine is highly explosive when exposed to ammonia or acetylene, so they must be stored in separate warehouses.

  • Regular Warehouse Inspection

We will ask the warehouse staff to inspect the dangerous goods every month for safer picking packing and shipping. Therefore, some items about to expire will be found in advance, avoiding negative comment for the online owner of Kickstarter, Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Aliexpress, etc.

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