Want to Know What to Sell on Your E-commerce Store

Product selection is not only a problem for customers when they browse shopping websites, but also a challenge for sellers, especially online sellers.

Why is it difficult?

global health industry has reached 4.5 trillion US dollars

As there are so many popular products, it is hard to make a choice, especially for new sellers. Selling hot products is not necessarily to succeed for new sellers as the competition of e-commerce market is very fierce. Choosing the right products to sell plays a crucial role in the success of online business, so it is advisable to do market research before deciding what to sell.

Reliable data show that 67% of American consumers want to spend more time with their families in 2022, and the demand for home entertainment devices is higher than that of 2021. Products including electronic equipment, garden supplies, parent-child toys, party supplies are in high demand.

COVID-19 makes worldwide people attach more importance to health. Thus, Health and Personal Care products become very popular and hot-selling. And at present, the scale of the global health industry has reached 4.5 trillion US dollars.

According to Jungle Scout, a product selection analysis platform, items such as phototherapy devices, hair care and skin care products, home fitness equipment, smart toilet seats, meditation bowls will become popular.

Environmental-friendly and sustainable daily necessities are more and more popular among consumers. According to Amazon, more than half of consumers in the US and Europe say they are willing to spend more money to buy products which are more sustainable.

Clothing, toys, packaging and other products made from recyclable materials are favored by consumers.

What are you going to sell for the coming March?

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