4 Profitable and Promising Amazon Stations You Can’t Miss

It is said that the new Amazon stations have many business opportunities. Where are they?

Selling the right products is very important on new Amazon stations! For example, A seller sells marker pen on Indian station, with average sales increasing by 100% in 2021!

The profit of the Australian station is very high. The sellers have doubled the profits with the same customer unit price, especially for electronics and consumer goods.

Amazon Australia, Singapore, the Middle East and India stations are good choices for sellers.

For a new seller or a seller who wants to expand its global market, Amazon Australia, Singapore, the Middle East and India stations are good choices for them, full of “money” power, with little competition, and high profits.

AustraliaFast Growing E-commerce Scale and Strong Consumption Power

According to forecasts, by 2024, the scale of e-commerce in Australia will reach 32.3 billion US dollars, reaching an annual increase of 15.5%, which is higher than that of major e-commerce countries such as Europe and the United States.

Secondly, Australian consumers are more receptive to high-priced products due to their strong spending power. Therefore, the Australian station is still in the golden period of high profit and low competition with low customer acquisition cost.

SingaporeStrong Spending Power

For singaporeans, the per capita e-commerce consumption is US$1,222.4, 126.4% higher than the world average. In 2025, the scale of e-commerce is expected to reach 8 billion US dollars, and the number of online consumers will reach 4.1 million.

The Middle East–Large E-commerce Scale

The scale of e-commerce in the Middle East is expected to reach US$50 billion in 2025, with an expected growth rate of 110%.

India–A Great Number of E-commerce Users

The number of e-commerce users in India is expected to reach 890 million by 2024. At the same time, the annual sales of e-commerce in India is expected to reach $200 billion in 2026, an increase of 400% over 2018.

Why do people say that new Amazon stations are highly profitable?

Because the warehousing costs, delivery costs and marketing costs are lower than those mature amazon stations. Moreover, the commission of some product categories on new Amazon stations are lower than that of mature amazon stations. For example, the commission of products that belongs to ‘Home and Kitchen‘ is 10% on Amazon Singapore station, while it is 15% on Amazon North America Stations.

Which amazon stations do you want to choose to begin your online business?

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