How Your Company May Benefit From Kitting & Assembly Services

As an online store owner, you may have heard about some services that are emerged from B2B business. If you are cooperating with international drop-shipping service, then Kitting & Assembly Services is what you need to make your business better.

Kitting (also called “product bundling”) is when two or more related items are packaged together in order to create one product/parcel that is ready to ship. While Assembly is the process of arranging all the components of a “kit” and readying it for shipment.

As an professional order fulfillment service provider, ChinaDivision has extensive experience creating multi-packs, club packs, promotion kits and other product kits.

There are some substantial benefits for your company when you utilize kitting and assembly services from a fulfillment center.

1- Orders are Fulfilled Faster for Less

When products are assembled in bulk, order fulfillment becomes quick and pick/pack costs are reduced as each kit is counted as one SKU.

2- Shipping Mistakes are Reduced

The chance of error goes down when items are shipped in kit form. Also, weighing and labeling individual items is eliminated, making it possible to pre-print shipping labels. Each eliminated step also eliminates a chance for error.

3- Packaging is Efficient and Cost-Effective

Postal costs are reduced when kits are packaged in a box that is customized in size and weight.

All of these benefits translate into big cost savings for you and better service for your customers.

Now get in touch with us (ChinaDivision Kitting and Assembling service) to discuss your specific projects and we’ll treat you as members of our family, with reliable cost-effective service and support. We look forward to hearing from you!


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