How to Successfully Start Your Amazon FBA Business in 2021

Is the Amazon FBA business still profitable in 2021? Of course it is. But it can not get you rich quickly overnight. If you get well prepared before starting your Amazon FBA business, you will get returns when your business gets on the right track.

How Much Do You Know about Amazon FBA?

FBA(Fulfillment by Amazon) program was released by Amazon in 2006, aiming to help third-party sellers fulfill their orders and ship their products to their individual customers. The sellers send their products to Amazon fulfillment centers in different cities and countries. Amazon stores their inventory, picks and packs their products, and ships them to their customers when the customers place an order in the sellers’ Amazon stores.

Moreover, Amazon deals with returns and refunds, and most of customer services for the sellers, which saves much energy and time for sellers, especially for individual sellers, so that the sellers can pay more attention to getting sales.

Amazon FBA can bring you much more organic traffic and organic sales than those of your independent websites. According to a study, in 2020, nearly half of the sales of Amazon come from Amazon third-party sellers, and about 2/3 of whom are doing Amazon FBA business.

To a customer, buying something from Amazon directly is almost no different from buying something from a third-party seller on Amazon through FBA. He/she gets the same delivery options, the same return and refund policy and the same customer service.

The above image shows the thermometer is sold by Baymed Store and fulfilled by Amazon. Baymed Store is owned by a third-party seller who is an Amazon FBA business person.

Where to Source Your Products

Apart from Amazon, there is Alibaba, another great global company, which is an online wholesale market for manufacturers and suppliers from all around the world.

As there are various products with low prices on Alibaba, many Amazon FBA sellers list products from Alibaba with a brand name attached on them. Then they sell these products on Amazon with higher prices, making profits by price differences.

You can also customize and improve the products by cooperating with the factory on Alibaba to make your products stand out among many similar products. As long as your products are better in meeting the customers’ requirements, they can sell well and increase your ROI.

How Chinadivision Gets Your Products from Alibaba to Amazon Fulfillment Centers

It is not easy to have your large quantities of products from Alibaba suppliers sent to Amazon fulfillment centers due to worldwide shipping, customs clearance and Amazon’s strict rules about goods which are going to be delivered to its fulfillment centers.

warehousing service to china–chinadivision

Don’t worry. Chinadivision’s FBA Prep service can free you from all of these hassles.

  • Chinadivision can pick up your goods from any factories on Alibaba in China and do the random check or full check for you.
  • Chinadivision stores your products in its warehouse with advanced inventory management system.
  • Chinadivision picks, packs and labels your products in complying with the requirements of Amazon.
  • Chinadivision well handles customs clearance and customs duties for you (DDP).
  • Chinadivision ships your products to Amazon fulfillment centers fast and smoothly with best delivery channels.

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