How to Right Choose Delivery Method for Amazon Sellers

There are main three delivery methods for Amazon sellers who do worldwide business. It is hard to say which one is the best one, as they all have advantages and disadvantages.

FBA(Fulfillment by Amazon)

FBA, provided by Amazon, is the process of storing, picking and packing products in Amazon fulfillment centers, and shipping them directly to the customers. Moreover, FBA provides returns, refunds and customer services for sellers.

As far as FBA is concerned, the speed of logistics is fast. And FBA can increase sellers’ store exposure and ranking, which can grow the sales. More importantly, Amazon can solve the customers’ complaints about the logistics problems, which help the sellers free of the trouble.

However, FBA service is expensive for sellers, especially for small and new sellers. And the sellers have to make customs clearance themselves, which takes much time and sellers have to pay much attention to the changes in import and export policies.

fulfillment center and worldwide shipping by chinadivision

Overseas warehouses delivery

The building of overseas warehouses can extend the market where the warehouse is located. And the shipping rates are quite cheaper than FBA. The delivery speed is also fast.

But the upfront cost of building overseas warehouses are large, and the management of overseas warehouses is not easy. The inventory should be properly managed; otherwise goods are scrapped, which is a great loss for sellers.

Sellers shipping goods directly to worldwide customers

Sellers ship goods directly to worldwide sellers can reduce backlog of inventory with low capital occupation. And sellers can flexibly choose different shipping channels to deliver products.

But the exposure and ranking on Amazon is not high, making it harder to increase the number of orders. If the performance of one seller’s Amazon account is not good enough, it is likely to be blocked.

Why many clients choose chinadivision to handle their FBA shipments

chinadivision, as a leading China fulfillment center, is experienced in prepping your products so that they can be smoothly delivered to Amazon fulfillment centers, including picking and packing your products, labeling your boxes complying with FBA guidelines, printing and pasting the SKU for you if necessary.

Moreover, chinadivision can make customs clearance for you, free you from a headache. We provide you with different shipping channels for you to save your shipping rate to the largest extent.


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