How to Drive More Traffic to Your WordPress Website

Do you use WordPress to build your website? Did you see a rapid growth of traffic last week? What have you done to get more traffic? Are they all effective?

WordPress SEO is proved to be one of the most effective ways to get more organic traffic. Many people now prefer to build the website by WordPress as experts have said that WordPress is SEO friendly, which does not mean that your WordPress SEO is optimal. So you have to do something to improve it as much as you can.

Still don’t know what to do? Don’t worry. Here are some useful tips for beginners. Are you ready for it? Let’s start optimizing your website.

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Firstly, you should go to check the visibility settings of your website. As WordPress gives the users a choice to hide their websites from search engines before they finish the building of websites, if you forget to uncheck it, your website will not be available to search engines, which is a great loss of organic traffic. Make sure that you have unchecked it. If you are not sure of it, just log in to the admin area of your WordPress website and visit Settings>>Reading page, and find the “Search Engine Visibility” section. If the box is checked, just uncheck it and click the “Save Changes” button to save your changes.

Next, using SEO friendly URLs is a good choice for you. Here are some example of SEO friendly URLs:

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Viewers can guess the contents of the page by seeing the above URLs, which are not only SEO friendly, but also user friendly. Then do you know what kind of URL is not SEO friendly? for example:

The numbers in these URLs are irrelevant to the content of the pages those URLs show. Which kind of URLs do you prefer to visit? Make sure that your URLs are SEO friendly. If they are not, you should reset them by opening the Settings>>Permalinks page and select the “Post name” and press the “Save Changes” button to save the resetting.

Attention: Please don’t change your permalink structure after your website having been put into effect for more than 6 months, unless it is numeric. You should not change the permalink structure if you are using Day and Name or Month and Name, otherwise you may lose your present SEO ranking.

Last but not least, you can optimize your blog posts for SEO. SEO plugin is not enough for SEO, which is an ongoing process. So you should continue improvements in order to get better results.

You have access to adding a title, description and focus keywords to each blog post and page through all top SEO plugins. So you can perfect your title and description to gain more clicks. If you want to know more about meta descriptions and good titles, you can see 11 tips to optimize your blog posts for seo.

In conclusion, you can boost your website traffic by SEO. What else can you do? Leave your comment.

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