How to Best Deal With Malicious Reviews in Your Online Stores

Have you ever experienced that your customers leave malicious reviews in your Shopify or Amazon store? Do you feel angry when they comment that your products are rubbish after they have bought the wrong products from your store?

Some customers are not satisfied with their last shopping in your online store. Maybe because of the slow shipping, maybe because they just don’t like the products they have bought online. Maybe they just buy one product from one store but leave negative even malicious reviews in another store, making the latter seller confused and mad. These things really happen in our online shopping world. What can we do when these things happen?

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You don’t need to argue with people who leave malicious reviews in your online stores, which is meaningless. You just convey the pity that you make them unsatisfied with the shopping if it is not the problem of your stores or products. If it is really your stores or products that make them have bad shopping experience, you should be grateful that they help you find the existing problems of your stores or produts. And you need to solve these problems as soon as possible, otherwise, they will influence the sales of your products.

Some malicious reviews may come from competitors. What you can do is to try your best to enhance your core competitiveness. You sell products of high-quality with better customer services, choosing better shipping channels to improve the delivery of products. Only by doing that can you become more successful than your competitors.

In online world, some people attack others unscrupulously through malicious comments in hidden identity. We can’t change the status quo, but we can keep ourselves by not doing like that.

I have shopped online for more than eight years. Although I have bought a few products of low quality, I never leave negative reviews in online stores, let alone malicious reviews. I just chat with the customer service staff about the quality problem. If I can’t accept the products, I just return it to the online seller with full refunds. If there are only minor flaws with the products, I sometimes keep them. How about you?


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