How to Deal with Return and Exchange Issues Better?

The returns and exchanges of ecommerce order are very troublesome for many order fulfillment warehouse.

When the buyer returns the goods and sends them back to the warehouse, the packaging of the goods is basically in tatters. Some of the goods may be damaged, which takes a lot of time to process the goods again.

So what are the difficulties of return and exchange?

1. The packaging of the goods is seriously damaged

After the seller checks the goods, the original packaging of the delivery company is often thrown away by the buyer at this time, and the buyer may find a bag and pack the goods for delivery. In the process of express delivery, the action of the delivery person is generally not too soft. If the goods are not so strong, the goods may have been damaged when they arrive at the warehouse and cannot be sold again.

2. Some dropshipping companies do not have fixed consignees:

Without a fixed person in charge, there will be no stable solution to the problem. If the product is scrapped and cannot be sold again, who should bear the cost? This may encounter situations where the staff shirk each other, which will seriously affect work efficiency.

3. More communication with the seller are needed

Asking whether the returned product can be sold after repairing and performing quality inspection. Of course, the above are only some of the issues listed, including many other issues, making the handling of returns the most troublesome work for warehouse personnel, and few people are willing to take the initiative.

Faced with such a situation, what is the solution of China Division?

  • 1. Each part of the goods is responsible for the corresponding delivery staff to ensure that each product is owned by its own person in charge. Regardless of whether the goods are returned or exchanged afterwards, the personnel will follow up.
  • 2. Contact the seller in a timely manner to ensure that the problem can be reported to the e-commerce seller to inquire about relevant handling matters.
  • 3. For the goods whose packaging is relatively complete(has not been damaged) and does not affect secondary sales, strict inspection and control must be carried out, and then recorded and stored again. Besides, for the products that cannot be sold again are placed in a fixed processing warehouse, waiting for the seller to handle it.

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