How Does B2B Company Stunning Itself on Double 11?

Since 2009, this year has been the tenth year of double 11, but consumers have maintained the super enthusiastic with the event.There is no doubt that with the arrival of the double eleven, this year’s Ali will continue the great event as before.
Besides Ali, e-commerce giants such as Jingdong and Suning all have a good performance in the double 11.
In comparison, the B2B industry of the e-commerce companies in the double 11 shopping carnival seems a little lonely.

So does that mean that B2B are without luck of this super event?

The industrial Internet is different from the consumer Internet, which generally refers to the Internet application with producers as users and production activities as application scenarios, and is embodied in the transformation of the production, transaction, financing and circulation of each industry by the Internet.Therefore, the demand of B2B is more prudent and rational than that of B2C, and B2B fixed periodic property of the industry, which is hard to be controlled by artificial “knot making” activities.
But even cautious and rational, have a fixed period the demand of the property, have been touched, double tenth a the party to continue fermentation, the demand will to side B, C, engineering products, raw materials, project, a series of big gesture interaction and influence of “double 11 carnival” extremely important, is not only the consumption side, all kinds of electricity has a cake in the party.Although there will be no explosive trade growth in the B2B industry for the time being, the increase in overall e-commerce traffic and the expansion of heat can still bring a lot of growth to the B2B industry.

How does B2B company stunning itself on Double 11?
Actually we can see this year B2B platforms follow B2C platforms. For example,, a popular logistics integration and transportation platform, has launched a series of preferential policies, including voucher deduction, big return of red packets and cash collection, in order to stimulate purchase demand, improve transaction efficiency and enhance brand image.The sheer size of the deal speaks volumes about’s commitment to customers and the determination of a large number of B2B companies represented by its order fulfillment service to “get things done” on nov 11.

Refusing to play a supporting role, where is the future of B2B?
Today many industries are faced with the circumstance of passive change.And the biggest opportunity in this kind of change is precisely how to enter the business model change of brick-and-mortar enterprises through e-commerce and big data application. And own a exclusive logistics line, and guarantee the quality of service. Then we see the future of B2B might be here.
There are challenges and opportunities. Faced with the great chance of “double 11”, I believe there will be more B2B brands like, jumping out of the way. And future double 11 will not only the exclusive carnival festival of B2C merchants.

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