Do You Really Want to Make Money by Dropshipping

People want to be a drop shipper when they have heard that dropshipping can make much money with lower costs. But not every one succeeds in making lots of money by dropshipping. Why do they fail and quit it?

In fact, some people don’t make good preparations before starting dropshipping. They don’t know the market or the target audience. They don’t know what a good niche is. They even don’t know which platform is suitable to do dropshipping.

With fierce competition, you have to make enough market research before your real start. You have to do better than your major competitors in at least one respect. If you can find the weakness of your competitors and do well in this aspect, you can gain a place in the market. Otherwise, you find it very hard to survive the market for a long time.

Our warehouses around the world

As it is a very popular ecommerce platform all around the world, with about 200 million visitors every month, Amazon is a great platform to do dropshipping. But it is a little bit difficult for new starters to do dropshipping on Amazon with the strict terms. If you violate the terms, your Amazon account may be suspended or closed. Feel worried? Don’t know how to dropship on Amazon? Here are two solutions.

Dropshipping by FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA) is a good choice for you to do dropshipping on Amazon with complying its terms. When you are permitted to FBA, you can purchase inventory from the suppliers and have them shipped to one of Amazon fulfillment centers. Then your inventory is stored in Amazon warehouse and their staff pack your goods and delivered them to your customers directly. Once your customer doesn’t like your product and want to return it, he or she can return it to Amazon warehouse.

And FBA is not free, so you should take it into your cost counting.

Dropshipping with custom packaging

You can find a trustworthy third-party logistics provider to customize your packages and packing slips, which conforms to Amazon regulations. ChinaDivision is experienced in custom packages and packing slips as it has served lots of drop shippers on Amazon, who are very satisfied with our great services.

The packages or packing slips with address or company information of your suppliers are not permitted on Amazon, so make sure that your 3PL partner knows it. If they don’t know this, you’d better not cooperate with him.

In conclusion, dropshipping on Amazon makes it easy for you to gain much traffic, but you should obey its policies to make your business smooth and profitable for a long time.

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