9 Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Chinese Dropshipping Agent

A Chinese dropshipping agent is a ‘middle man’ with a real warehouse in China, who can offer one-stop service to help you find products with the best price. Order fulfillment warehouses fulfill the order, arrange shipment, and save your time to focus on marketing.

They can also take care of high volume orders and product quality along the way. However, it is hard to find an ideal and long-term dropshipping partner. This blog will share nine questions that you can ask when contacting a Chinese agent. They’re useful to sort out the good from the bad. Ask these questions wisely, and you will get what you want.

1. Do you have a warehouse? 

The real dropshipping agents is definitely have their warehouse. In other words, physical building with walls, doors, and windows. Generally speaking, they are pleased to tell you about their warehouse location and show you photos. Because they have invested a massive amount of money building and improving it every day to give you the highest quality service. You can ask them directly when considering a Chinese dropshipping company.

2. What is your processing time?

It is practical to find a dropshipping agent who can give you a definition of processing time like this:

Processing time starts from the moment a fulfillment request is received to the time that you get the tracking number of order.

Processing time is different among dropshipping agents. It’s usually anywhere between 2-3 days. The longer the processing time, the longer the shipping time.

3. How do you conduct a quality control inspection?

Dropshipping agent is responsible for checking product quality to ensure every product fits the order specifications. Once the products arrive at their warehouse, they will check their colors, size, quantity, flaws, etc. If there is any quality issue, they’ll contact suppliers to require an exchange or return.

4. Do you have product labeling and packaging?

You need to ask if a dropshipping agent will offer labeling and packaging service. For example, you can ask if they can add a logo/pattern or a thank you tag in the package. 

5. What is your return policy?

It is normal to return the product in the e-commerce business. So you need to figure out the return policy in the dropshipping cooperation. The following questions count a lot in the return policy.

  • How do they carry out the overall return process?
  • In which cases do they accept to resend products or make a refund?
  • Whether will they cover shipping fee when resending products to customers?

6. Do you have MOQ?

MOQ is the abbreviation of minimum order quantity, which refers to the lowest number of a specific product that a dropshipping agent is willing to order and stock at their warehouse. If you cannot reach their MOQ requirement, the dropshipping agent won’t accept your request. But different dropshipping agents have different MOQs. Some may have a MOQ of 100 units while others may require you to order at least 20 units. The coolest thing is you don’t need to order one by one with a dropshipping agency. A CSV file can easily be applied to save your time.

7. Do you provide inventory data updates?

If you’ve got an order from your customer and transfer it to your dropshipping agent. Unfortunately, they tell you that it’s out of stock, which is the worst case you should be aware of at the beginning. In order to avoid this problem, you should ask the agent if they provide you inventory status and how often the data will be updated, especially during holidays like Chinese New Year and Christmas. In this way, you can make plans to order more products early.

8. What’s the service charge?

In most cases, dropshipping agents don’t use a fixed cost. The cost often depends on types of products. But all the fees should be visible and transparent. A responsible dropshipping company only charge a very reasonable service fee without any hidden costs or commissions.

9. How to contact you if I have questions?

Your dropshipping agent should be present (almost) whenever you need their help. Compared to email, the instant communication channels(like WeChat, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.) is more effective and convenient. So you can make sure if they can provide some instant communication choice for you.

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