A Glance at How Often are Europe People Shop Online

According to a survey of “Pan-European e-commerce trends” by MasterCard in 2017, Europeans are keen on e-commerce shopping!

Let’s find out the result:(online shipping)
1, How often are European Internet users use shopping?
25% of European users shop online at least once a week;
63% of European users shop online at least once a month;
90% of European users shop online at least once a year;
The people who most frequent shopping online in Europe:
9% of Polish and Lithuanians shop online every day;(online shipping)
8% of British, Italians and Spaniards shop online every day.
41%of Britons, 32 per cent of Irish and 30 per cent of Germans shop online every week.

2,In British, every three people who is shopping online will buy groceries, and British shoppers are twice as likely to shop for groceries as the Dutch, Belgians and French.
In Ireland, Norway and Greece, 40% of online shoppers buy long-distance travel products online, compared with 14 per cent in Poland and 10 per cent in Croatia.(online shipping)

3, Countries among Most interested in new technologies:
20 percent of Norwegian and Greek online shoppers,
19 percent of Finnish online shoppers are ahead of other European countries in using mobile wallets.

4, Which European countries are most interested in cross-border e-commerce shopping?
9 out of 10 Austrians and Irish are online shoppers, and 2 out of every 3 Italians, Spaniards and British, have had at least one cross-border e-commerce experience.(online shipping)
While countries like Bulgaria, the Czech republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Slovenia shoppers, 40% have never shop on a foreign e-commerce website.

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