Why do you need to outsource order fulfillment?

The fierce competition in e-commerce means that you need to spend most of your time promoting business development. Therefore, you can outsource order fulfillment work to a professional third-party logistics company to handle it.

Cut down operating cost

Cooperating with 3PL can reduce infrastructure and logistics costs. You can avoid the trouble of renting warehouses, equipment, packaging products, maintenance, etc. by outsourcing order fulfillment. Order fulfillment service providers develop appropriate strategies and predictable costs so that you can better control operating costs.

Optimize business development

If small businesses or suppliers waste too much energy to cope with all day-to-day operations, they will miss the opportunity to develop new customers.

Delivering all operations after the customer places an order to a professional outsourcer will help you spend more time and energy on expanding your business.


Increase flexibility

One of the most important reasons for outsourcing order fulfillment is to increase the flexibility of processing orders. 

If your warehouse does not have enough staff and space, the enormous daily order processing will bring an extensive load to your company’s system. For the sustainability of your business and to provide customers with a good customer experience, one of the best ways is to hand over the processing of these orders to a professional company.

Enhance the ability to respond to the market environment

The COVID-19 outbreak this year has severely disrupted the supply chain, which means that transportation costs have risen. To reduce the impact, one of the best ways is to outsource order fulfillment, so that your company can avoid the impact of rent, wages, and other expenses. Reducing overhead costs can help companies survive in a severe economic environment.

Timely delivery

The introduction of Amazon’s “two-day delivery” clause has intensified the time competition for e-commerce companies to deliver products to customers. You must pay attention to the delivery terms described on your website and deliver products on time. Strive to transform customers who purchase once into lifetime users.

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