Why do China Outperform other Countries in the International Market

In more modern times, international trade was not so expensive or risky, but it was inaccessible because you had to know someone. 20 years ago if you wanted to buy something from a factory , how would you do? If you didn’t know someone, you would probably be to go to China and start visiting around until you found a factory, buy some samples on the spot and write their address and phone number on a piece of paper and then come home. (kitting and assembling)

As you might expect, the greatest agent of change in our lifetimes – the internet – plays a central role here. In the last 5 years countless Chinese companies have figured out that if they make a web page and hire someone with enough english to process an order, they can bypass lots of middlemen and be far more accessible to their potential customers – YOU! (kitting and assembling)

The fact that India buys all sorts of stuff ranging from solar power equipment and high-end electronics to plastic buckets, Hindu idols, and winter coats. China’s exports to India were an estimated $61 billion in 2016-17 while India’s exports to China were $10 billion in that period. So China has an enormous surplus with regard to India. Looking at India’s trade deficit with China in the context of gross domestic product or GDP, however, China has less exposure. Its exports to India amount to about 2.7% of India’s GDP (about $2.26 trillion in 2016, according to World Bank data) and about 0.5% of Chinese GDP (about $11.2 trillion in 2016, according to the World Bank). India’s exports to China amount to about 0.08% of Chinese GDP and about 0.45% of Indian GDP.

So, what if there is a conflict in between 2 countries on any other international issue? But people still need to buy  substantial products from all over the world, no one would neglect the powerful manufacturer giant–China.(kitting and assembling)

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