What You Can Benefit From eCommerce Search Engine Optimization?

eCommerce SEO is just which we do for eCommerce or large product base websites.

eCommerce Search engine optimization (SEO) is a bit different from what we do for normal business or service based website.

There are lots of complexity in eCommerce website, which you generally don’t find on normal cms based website.

  • Like few category or pages can be access via different URL with same duplicate content.
  • Creating sitemap for eCommerce website, getting them index, It’s a big task altogether.
  • Having Proper Site Architecture
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Writing & Images
  • Link Building & Marketing for eCommerce
  • Plus for large eCommerce website products are added and removed so they create broken links that have to redirected properly in SEO friendly way.

Most of the task which is done on website itself need deep understanding of SEO. If On Site SEO is done properly I guess more 70% SEO task is done. You will rank on so many keywords even without building a single backlink.

So if you focus on onsite optimization first and start right from the beginning of site architecture, you will have great success at generating more traffic & revenue.

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