What Else Value-added Service Besides Kitting & Assembling

ChinaDivision team have been working to make tasks easier for small business owners when we first started as an order fulfillment and operations management company. Our mission is: taking away the headache of storing products, receiving shipments, and ultimately assembling, kitting, and shipping out orders. Choosing to outsource your inventory management needs lessens your load, leaving it in the hands of our highly experienced team whose sole purpose is to offer the best service possible to you and your customers.

Add Marketing Inserts to Increase Your Customer Loyalty and Boost Sales

Marketing inserts can be a cost-effective and versatile medium to build a solid relationship with your customers, which helps increase sales, boost order size and profit. Beside the service of kitting & assembling, ChinaDivision enables you to impact the moment a customer opens that package by including customized marketing materials from your brand, such as :

  • Product samples for featured or seasonal products
  • Discount offers or special sales items
  • Small gifts with branded logo
  • Thank-you notes, postcards or holiday cards
  • Promotional material like brochures, catalogs, CDs or DVDs.

Apply SKU or Barcode Labels What You Do Not really Have

Package and product labeling is time consuming and can cover your branded packaging if not applied correctly. ChinaDivision understands the intricacies, so we ensure the appropriate placement of labels on your products – whether they are labels for pallet or for individual products, whether there are hundreds or thousands of labels, we’ll respond to your needs quickly and effectively.

Package Your Products in Customized Boxes in Your Preferred Style

Consider ChinaDivision’s service as a seamless, integrated solution. Our professional packing service team are proficient in various packaging and can work within your current business requirement for brand upgrading. From simple blister packs to complex custom designs, our variety of packaging alternatives can meet your needs.

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