Time For You to Find a Reliable Fulfillment Center

A reliable fulfillment center makes your global ecommerce business easier and more profitable. You don’t have to own your own warehouse outside your country or hire employees for packing and shipping your products. They can fulfill your orders in a professional and cost-effective way.

What does a fulfillment center mean?

A fulfillment center provides ecommerce sellers with warehousing, Picking&Packing and shipping services so that they don’t need to own their own warehouses, pack their products, or find freight forwarders to ship the products to their individal customers.

The ecommerce sellers can directly send their inventory to the fulfillment center from where it is delivered to their customers all around the world.

Worried about the growth of your small and medium-sized business? Fulfillment centers are here to extend your local market to the whole world market.

ChinaDivision warehouse

What are the working processes of fulfillment centers?

  1. Ecommerce sellers or their suppliers send their products to the warehouse of the fulfillment center.
  2. The fulfillment center check the products before they are stored to the warehouse.
  3. Inventory will be set up within 24 hours during working days, making it convenient to manage the inventory.
  4. The customers place orders from the sellers’ website or store and the sellers notify the fulfillment center of the orders.
  5. The fulfillment center picks products from the inventory and packs them according to the sellers’ requirements.
  6. The fulfillment center ships the packaged products to every individual customer of the sellers.
  7. The system of fulfillment center will show the order information so that the customers can track the order real-time.
  8. Every customer has received their products for several days.

Why do ecommerce sellers need fulfillment centers?

  1. It is much easier to send your products to a fulfillment center in China if you are based in the United States and want to sell in China, European countries and Singapore, Japan and other countries–compared to shipping your products directly to your customers from the US or having your own warehouse in China.
  2. It really shortens the shipping time so that your global customers can receive their products in less days than ever before, thus improving customer experience and customer satisfaction.
  3. It is cheaper to use a fulfillment center to fulfill your orders than renting a wareouse and hiring people to pick and pack your products.
  4. A fulfillment center is professional in warehousing and logistics, and they can provide you with the most cost-effective shipping methods to save your cost.
  5. Moreover, a fulfillment center can offer you customs clearance and value-added services.

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