Three Key Factors You Should Know When Choosing an Order Fulfillment Center

Order fulfillment warehouse becomes a popular role for most Amazon and Shopify sellers, but how to find a long-term order fulfillment partner need more skills. Last week, ChinaDivision made a random sampling about the reason why they chose us to fulfill their order, from which we found the major three factors.

  • 1. In terms of management form, traditional warehousing requires e-commerce sellers to arrange their own warehousing management personnel to perform operations such as product management, regular inventory counting, packaging and delivery, etc. So the e-commerce sellers need to recruit relevant personnel to be responsible for warehouse management problem. The third-party warehousing can help e-commerce sellers solve this problem well, and e-commerce sellers do not need to spend manpower and cost to carry out warehouse management.
  • 2. During the order promotion event, the order volume of the e-commerce store skyrocketed, causing the warehouse management staff to start rushing, a large number of delivery errors occurred, and the frequency of consumer returns and exchanges was greatly increased, resulting in a decrease in the store‚Äôs related scores, which was not worth the loss. And professional third-party warehousing companies have many years of experience in warehousing and delivery services, even during the promotion activities, they can complete the delivery tasks with quality and quantity.
  • 3. In terms of warehouse renting. It is difficult for e-commerce sellers to find a warehouse of the right size using the traditional method of renting warehouses, which is bound to cause some inevitable troubles. The order fulfillment warehouse can solve this problem. E-commerce sellers only need to pay for the used storage area, which is good for cost saving.

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