The Most Useful Ways People Prefer to Boost Shopify Conversion Rate

Are you satisfied with your shopify store’s conversion rate? If not, what do you do to increase it? Do you know what the most useful ways are?

First, you have to improve user experience. You can do it from the following three aspects.

  • Website theme

The theme of your website must be consistent with the features of your products. Pink website is of course not suitable for the store selling electronics, such as earphones, electronic watches. But pink website may be fit for the store selling dolls and bedroom goods. Moreover, the theme of your website must be changed if you want to build an independent website to sell your products, as the theme of the website on the Shopify is different from that of the independent website.

  • Shopping process

As is well known that during the ecommerce shopping, every step some users quit, thus making the conversion rate relative low. It is often less than 2%. How to solve this problem is a common challenge for most ecommerce sellers. Maybe we can simplify the shopping process and add the countdown to add urgency so that users are more likely to place the order and pay for it under time limit.

  • Policy terms

There are some indispensable policy terms for online shopping, such as return terms, payment terms and shipping terms. If your website has not included these terms, users may not buy anything from your store. Overseas users pay more attention to these terms. Make sure you have detailed descriptions about these terms on your website.

Next, you need to gain your visitors’ trust. Do your visitors have trust in your website and your products? In general, new visitors have no trust in your website at all if they go to visit your website at random rather than their friends’ referral. Here is what you can do to win their trust.

  • Recent user behavior information

Does your website show the recent user behavior information to visitors? If not, it is time for you to make it available to them. You can install the Sales Pop plugin to show the recent user behavior information. Visitors who see that many people have bought one of your products in recent days are more likely to believe in the product and your store. The possibilty of the purchase of the product highly increases.

  • User reviews

If the visitors of your store want to buy one of your products, they usually go to see the user reviews. If the reviews are almost good and praiseful, the visitors think that the product is worth buying and then they place the order and buy it. If some reviews are negative, they will consider whether to buy it or not, and at last, they may quit your website and turn to another website to look for good products. User review are very important, and you can ask your customers to leave good reviews with product photos they take.

If your website is new, what can you do to get some user reviews in short time? A plugin–Product Reviews, can solve your problem.

In conclusion, there are five best ways to highly grow the conversion rate of your Shopify store. Do you think they are helpful? Don’t forget to comment below.

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