The Importance of Preparing Your Sales Team in Advance

The worst thing to do about a sales objection is merely hoping it won’t happen (and when it does you have no plan in response).

And the best thing you can do?

Prepare for exact objections that you know will happen.

Different markets, product tiers, price ranges, and decision-making authorities come with their own common objections.

An agency owner will have a different problem to an enterprise-level marketing director. Budgets, needs, and challenges will vary based on your target market.

Instead of making sales objection preparation secondary to prospecting, pitching, and closing techniques – make dealing with objections an equal part of your induction and training program.

Before we get into some of the most common objections and the solutions you can implement, take some time to identify what it is your sales rep is likely to deal with on a daily basis based on who they’re selling to.

Look at past lost opportunities, call transcripts and emails, and take note of them. You should end up with at least 10-20 most common objections.

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