Wonderful Ecommerce Fulfillment Model Keep Your Customers

Fast! Faster! Nowadays, the development of technology makes us more and more impatient. We expect technology to make things faster, and when we have to wait, we will feel frustrated.

Almost the entire process of e-commerce order fulfillment is facing the problem of acceleration. Customers want the lowest transportation costs and the shortest delivery time.

If your product’s sales volume grows steadily, but you cannot have better technical support, then customers who add shopping carts may turn to your competitors.

However, if you can provide customers with fast delivery speed and excellent customer experience, it will help promote your orders’ continuous growth and increase brand awareness.


How to Choose the Most Suitable Ecommerce Fulfillment Model?

Choosing the most suitable ecommerce fulfillment model is crucial because you cannot take responsibility for making mistakes. If you lose customers due to a poor fulfillment experience, they will quickly turn to your competitors for help.

A study showed that nearly 40% of customers said they would choose to return or stop shopping with retailers because of a negative delivery experience.

The perfect e-commerce fulfillment model depends on the size and nature of your business. If you are happy to do everything yourself and have the time and space to do so, then in-house fulfillment will be the best choice.

However, self-fulfillment may bring many hidden costs. For example, if you decide to sell through Amazon, remember that regardless of the fulfillment method, they will charge all sellers 15% of each product’s sales price.


In-house fulfillment may become a burden for your business because supply chain management is not a simple matter. It needs enough space to store inventory and enough time to complete all tasks.

If you choose to work with a third-party logistics provider, then you need to take the time to screen which partner is best for your business.

It is meaningful to choose 3PL with experience and mature technology. At the same time, you should also consider price, quality control, the number of warehouses and their location, and whether the order fulfillment system seamlessly integrates with your system.

Good fulfillment companies will also handle returns management properly. Of course, you need to make sure that your budget can meet all the features you need.

How to Accelerate the Order Fulfillment Process?

Every minute counts in the business called order fulfillment, a significant part of supply chain management. The success of your business depends on how quickly and efficiently you can process the orders. The more order you can process, the faster you will be able to ship. This increases customer satisfaction and gives you a competitive edge over your competitors. Here we offered some tips for improving your order fulfilment performance.

Order Picking System

An effective system can pick order from its customers in a faster and more accurate way. The workers in the order fulfillment warehouse can recognize the specific item of the orders easily, instead of worrying about mistake or inefficient work. Therefore, more and more order fulfillment companies tend to develop their own system.

Inventory Update

It is frustrating if your customer find that their items about to be shipped are out-of-stock. Since out-of-stock situations are unavoidable, it is better to obtain the updated information of your inventory. Generally speaking, you can check your inventory update through the system chosen by your dropshipper.

Open Communication Channels

Communication is the key to building trust and increasing orders, so you need to keep all the communication channels opens, covering face-to-face meeting, telephone, e-mail, online chat, etc. Besides, you can tell the responsibilities of each person in your team to your customer for better communication.

Reasonable Return Policy

Return policy is an inevitable problem of order fulfilment. Your customers are more likely to place an order if you have is a good return policy in place. With so many suppliers they can go to, they don”t want to buy from one who won”t give a refund or exchange for goods that turn out to be defective. Thus, you need to make sure that your customers know your return policy and understand it, it is practical to mention it clearly and unambiguously on your website and contract.