How to Judge an Order Fulfillment Company’s Service Efficiency?

Although most e-commerce sellers have chosen order fulfillment companies, most people don’t know how to judge the company’s service efficiency.

Generally speaking, they will pay more attention to cheap prices or equipment with good condition. Today we are going to offer some tips to help you with the efficiency judgement.

  • 1. Observe distribution efficiency. This is a factor that many e-commerce sellers are more concerned about. Warehouses with low delivery efficiency will not be trusted by large companies.
  • 2. Figure out specific storage fees. You need to be wary of some storage companies that may have invisible charges, so your caution is needed about signing a contract for the low quotation.
  • 3. Research whether the equipment and systems equipped in the warehouse are more advanced in the industry.
  • 4. Ask the warehousing company about relevant brand cases for comparative analysis and observe specific data to make more rational judgments.
  • 5. Confirm the total area and the specific layout plan of the warehouse. It does not necessarily mean that the warehouse distribution efficiency of the storage company must be high enough, but the efficiency must not be high for warehouses with warehouse layout problems. So this is also an important aspect that must be conducted on-site investigation. At the same time, you need to pay more attention to whether the traffic conditions around the warehouse are convenient. Good traffic conditions are the guarantee of warehouse distribution efficiency.
  • 6. Check the employee work manual of the warehousing company. In this way, we can see the general operation process of the warehouse, judge whether the warehouse personnel’s operations are sufficiently standardized, and ensure the low error rate.
  • 7. Check whether the warehousing company pays enough attention to the safety of the warehouse. The inventory safety needs to be put first. No one wants all the goods in the warehouse to be stolen or burned.
Daily warehouse cleaning brings better working environment and fulfillment performance

3 Factors Makes it Worthwhile to Choose an Order Fulfillment Warehouse

When e-commerce sellers choose a third-party warehousing agency, they are bound to have a question. Is order fulfillment warehouse really safe and reliable? Can e-commerce sellers feel completely at ease? Is it really trustworthy? Therefore, we have summarized three major elements.

First of all, it is the safety of the goods. After e-commerce sellers put the goods in a third-party warehouse, they are bound to be a little unsure about the safety of the goods, for fear that the dropshipping company may not be able to keep the goods and cause economic losses. In fact, the order fulfillment company will sign a contract with the e-commerce seller. The warehousing company will take on the responsibility if the problem occurs.

The second issue is efficiency. In fact, efficiency is the least worrying issue for e-commerce sellers. Most third-party warehouses are located near the express distribution center, and delivery efficiency and order cut-off time can be guaranteed. After receiving the order, the third-party warehouse can quickly pick and exit the warehouse for processing, and can usually enter the distribution center within an hour to quickly deliver the goods, achieving the effect of the invention.

Finally, what needs to be considered is the price of third-party warehouses. E-commerce sellers will also worry about whether or not to deliver warehousing and delivery to a third-party company, although the efficiency has improved, the price has also increased too much.

In fact, e-commerce sellers do not need to worry about such problems. The first is the price of express delivery. Dropshipping companies and express delivery companies have closer cooperation, and the prices given to e-commerce sellers are bound to be more favorable than those communicated by themselves. In terms of warehouse rental prices, a professional third-party warehouse like ChinaDivision has a competitive warehousing policy, which is also very advantageous in terms of price.

On the whole, the order fulfillment agency deserves the trust of e-commerce sellers.