Secondhand Clothing Market is A New Gem for You

 According to Business Insider, the secondhand clothing market is valued at $30 billion and could grow 18 percent per annum in the next three years.

Thrift shopping exists for several generations, but today’s youth shows a new passion for it, especially in the fashion industry. Teenagers prefer to buy used but unique goods rather than purchase fresh fast fashion products.

This trend can be found on social media, where influencers show their used goods on TikTok and Instagram. Moreover, the lead characters of Gossip Girl put on secondhand Channel belts and Dior saddle bags. 

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There are many physical stores selling used goods, such as bags,desks, chairs, books, clothing. And online thrift platforms strengthen the trend, such as Depop, Poshmark and thredUP, where it is easier to discover and buy precious goods at a lower cost. It is said that some Depop sellers have earned $300,000 per year.

The use of the item can exert its use value. Nowadays, we live a life rich in lot of items, and some items we have bought are rarely used, some even never used, which is a huge waste of the use value. Resale of these used items can make better use of them, reducing the waste of our limited resources on the earth.

The market of global used clothes is potential and profitable. But it is not so easy. Sellers need to know how to find out genuine designer clothing. Moreover, sellers have to solve the problem of the garment repair and styling.

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