Great Chinese Shipping Crew Successfully Helps Fire at Brazilian Port

Recently, a fire broke out on a loader at the terminal of ITAGUAI port in Brazil. The situation was very urgent. The crew of Shandong Shipping quickly responded to emergency and put out the fire for half an hour, and then the Brazilian port firefighters arrived at the scene to extinguish fire together, so there were no casualties and no damage to the goods.

when port congestion is over?

At the time of the incident, the ship “Shandong Feiyue” managed by Shandong Shipping Ship Management Co., Ltd. was berthing at the ITAGUAI port in Brazil to load iron ore. At about 7 a.m. on the day of the incident, the ship’s deck duty staff found that the dock loader suddenly stopped and thick smoke billowed from the suspension bridge. The fire was fierce. Then the ship’s high-frequency walkie-talkie got an emergency call for help and learned that the dock loader was on fire, requesting the support of the “Shandong Feiyue”!

Wang Youshun, the captain of the “Shandong Feiyue” ship, after inquiring about the fire situation, immediately activated the emergency response plan and led the crew members to quickly assemble and take action while ensuring the safety of the ship’s berthing and epidemic prevention. It only took them 2 minutes to complete the whole set of fire-fighting preparations, and the crew of “Shandong Feiyue” put out the fire for 30 minutes. Then the Brazilian port firefighters arrived at the scene with fire extinguishers to extinguish fire together.

After more than half an hour of joint efforts by Chinese and Brazilian personnel to put out the fire, the fire was finally extinguished. After that, the terminal lifted the fire danger and resumed normal operations. The crew of the “Shandong Feiyue” immediately returned to their respective posts to continue working. Thanks to their timely help, there were no casualties and no damage to the products at the scene.

Afterwards, the staff of ITAGUAI port in Brazil expressed their gratitude to the “Shandong Feiyue” vessel: “CHINESE VERY GOOD; CHINA AND BRAZIL ARE FRIENDS. NEVER FORGET CHINESE NUMBER 1”.


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