FBA Prep Services Free You from Pain and Grow Profits

As Amazon sellers, what does FBA have brought to you?

  1. High costs

FBA’s high costs largely reduce your profits when selling on Amazon. There are various fees charged by Amazon, including membership fees, monthly storage fees , shipping and wrapping fees. Moreover, different percentages of the total sales are taken away by Amazon according to the types of products sold. All of these make the profits of selling on Amazon slim.

2. Inventory delays

Some Amazon sellers have complained that their inventory is delayed to be logged into FBA system for several days even weeks, which leads to the delay of goods sent to customers. And customers are very likely to cancel the orders and even leave negative reviews in their stores, thus making the ratings of the store s drop. All of these exert a bad influence on their sales and profits.

3. Without sellers’ brand info

Goods shipped by Amazon FBA are packaged in boxes with Amazon logo, without any brand info of sellers. Moreover, sellers can’t place any brand notes or greeting cards in the boxes, making it difficult to build relationships with their repeat customers, which is not conducive to building brand awareness in their customers.

FBA Prep services offered by chinadivision free you from pain

So here come FBA prep services, which allow Amazon sellers to store, label and pack their products in an outsourced warehouse. Good news is that Amazon has changed its regulations due to the outbreak of the epidemic.

A third-party logistics partner(called 3PL) like ChinaDivision can pick, store, pack and ship sellers’ goods to Amazon to be delivered right away to their customers.

What are the benefits of FBA prep services?

  • Free from pain

FBA prep services provided by a 3PL provider is much cheaper than FBA, reducing the costs. Your inventory can be set up within 24 hours by ChinaDivision, without inventory delay. Moreover, a 3PL provider can pack your products with your brand info in the box, meantime labeling your boxes in accordance with FBA guidelines, so that you don’t need to study the complex and time-consuming Amazon regulations.

  • Grow profits

A 3PL provider like chinadivision offers 30-day free warehousing for sellers, which Amazon FBA charges monthly storage fees. And labeling price is very low in ChinaDivision, only $0.1 per label, cheaper than Amazon FBA. All of these reduce your costs, thus increasing your profits under the condition of the same sales.

ChinaDivision: pick, store, pack and ship your goods in an amazing way

ChinaDivision staff are experienced in packing,sticking FBA lables ,invoice-preparing etc. to meet the standard of Amazon. Besides, ChinaDvision has already sent countless shipments to Amazon for several years, professional and trustworthy, ensuring that your shipments are delivered to Amazon smoothly.

ChinaDivision picks up your goods if needed wherever they are within China and gives a random or full check of your goods before storing them in the warehouse. It has strong order processing ability, and daily order processing can exceed 50,000+. Moreover, the informationized operation process is used in its warehouse, scanning the SKU QR code for shipment, and realizing the order accuracy rate of 99.9%.

In conclusion, FBA prep services offered by ChinaDivision can free you from pain and grow your profits in an unexpected way.

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