A Story about Client A and Dropshipper ChinaDivision

Considering that today is Friday, let’s enjoy a story about our customer, instead of a long blog.

Client A had its own brand and physical stores. At the beginning of 2018, they decided to expand their online e-commerce market to the whole world. In preparation for online sale, client A took the advice from China Division and finally worked out an appropriate sales model and built its own website.

By means of good communication and analysis, China Division assisted client A sourcing products in China according to target prices. Once the goods arrived, China Division took care of quality inspection, quantity check, return & replacement, and warehousing, and uploaded the details of the goods for client A’s reference.

Client A had a wide range of products. China Division customized an exclusive logistics solution to flexibly select delivery channels and helped client A fulfill the orders in the most cost-effective and fastest way. In addition, China Division kept updating order data every month which helped client A have a better understanding of its market condition. Knowing the top-selling products in different countries and regions, client A was able to timely adjust its marketing strategy.

Over the past two years, China Division has maintained close cooperation with client A and has witnessed the success of client A’s online sale model together with its booming offline business.

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