What Is the Meaning of Awaited Fulfillment and Awaited Shipment?


What does “Awaited Fulfillment” mean?

When you place an order for a product online and complete the payment, the order system will change your order’s status to “Awaited fulfillment.” But at this time, the merchant has not yet started processing your order. 

Every e-commerce store has its order processing schedule. Generally speaking, the normal working time for the order processing is 1-2 working days. If there are holidays or special circumstances, the “waiting for fulfillment” state will last 7-10 working days.

What does “Awaited Shipment” mean?

When the merchant completes your order’s pick and pack and sends you a confirmation email, the order system will change the order status to “Awaited Shipment.”

Parcels are usually sent out within 24 hours, but it may take about 48 hours in peak season. 

Explanation of other order status:


Pending status in online shopping means that the customers start the checkout process but they do not finish it. It is the first status during the whole order fulfillment process.

Awaited Payment: 

  1. The ordering system enters the payment page, you need to choose a check or money order to pay, but the payment has yet to be confirmed.
  2. Or you selected a credit card, and it has not yet been processed.

Partially Shipped:

  1. Part of your order has already been shipped, and the other part may be in another box.
  2. The merchant may not be able to ship due to insufficient inventory, and you will receive a new email notification.


Your order has been shipped, but the receipt has not been confirmed. “Shipped” status can be found under the More tab of the View Orders screen.


The consignee has received the product he/she buys and receipt has been confirmed.


The seller has cancelled the order because of the stock inconsistenccy or other reasons. When the seller cancels an order, he/she don’t need to refund the order because he/she hasn’t received money of the order, and the money the buyer has paid for the order can automatically be returned to the buyer’s account.


The seller has completed the Refund action of the order, and the buyer has received the refund.


The buyer has filed a dispute with his/her Credit Card Company or PayPal Dispute section when he/she had paid for the product but nothing delivered to him/her.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in January 2021 and has been revamped and updated for comprehensiveness and accuracy.

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