Want to Know Awaiting Fulfillment Meaning

When you buy the newly launched iphone, book or sweeping robot online, you want to receive the item you ordered as soon as possible. So you often go to check the order status after you complete the payment and “awaiting fulfillment” comes into your eyes. You are confused and wonder what awaiting fulfillment mean.

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Awaiting Fulfillment Meaning

Awaiting fulfillment is the order status where the order has been paid and is waiting for processing. In general, the order will be processed in 1-2 days, but it takes 3 to 5 days for the order to be processed during holiday and peak season. The faster the order is processed, the sooner the goods are shipped.

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Awaiting Shipment Meaning

When the ecommerce fulfillment center finishes pick and pack of the items you ordered, you will receive the confirmation email and the order status will change from awaiting fulfillment into awaiting shipment.

Package is usually sent to the courier for shipment within 24 hours, but during holiday or peak season, it takes about 48 hours to have a parcle sent to the courier.

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Other Order Status

Pending: In online shopping, pending means the buyer has placed an order but he or she doesn’t complete the payment.

Partially Shipped: There are two cases. 1. Part of items you ordered are shipped while others are not shipped. 2. When the inventory is not sufficient, the sellers ship part of products to you at first and send you an email to notify you. Then they purchase more products to keep inventory and ship the remaining part of products to you.

Completed: You have received the items you ordered and have confirmed the receipt. Excited? You open the package and a brand new iphone or book or sweeping robot appears. You can’t wait to use the new iphone or the sweeping robot, or to read the amazing book. Very satisfying!

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